Pune Metro Rail project, Metro train company to build the metro project by 2021

The logo of any organization is the symbolic representation of the philosophy of the organization and the values and goals for which the organization works to achieve. Pune Metro Rail Project is under the entity Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited. The logo is the identity of Maharashtra Metro and hence Pune Metro Rail have carried that logo and painted it with the city's grandeur.

  • The circle is a representation of Safety and ensures us that the commuters are in safe hands.
  • The two bars at the bottom depicts elevated & underground rail tracks to be used for the Pune Metro train travel.
  • The words on top "महा मेट्रो" pumps up the excitement as it means a "Great Metro" and will add a uniformity to all the metro rail projects in the state of Maharashtra dedicated to all the citizens, senior citizens, visitors, tourists, children, students, etc.


Each colour in Pune Metro logo has it significance personifying the city.

  • Orange symbolises culture, warmth and happy nature of Pune
  • Blue expresses the fluidity of water that surrounds the City and easy going life that Pune gives us.
  • Green represents the greenery and forest covering Pune. It also signifies the wellbeing and hope of Punekars.
  • While Purple symbolises a positive vision that inspires to move further.

Thus, the elegant and simple Logo of Pune Metro is a true representation of the service that it is going to provide to the city and its residents.